Here Comes The Boom: McCoy and Baker


Is it possible that the defensive tackle tandem of Gerald McCoy and Chris Baker could be the greatest ever? It is not out of the question to at least put them in the category. McCoy has been a Buccaneer from day one and Baker has recently signed with Tampa Bay, choosing to leave Washington.

McCoy has 170 total tackles and 42.5 career sacks. He has done most of this while fighting double teams every game. McCoy has been pretty durable throughout his career. He is the face of the defense and possibly the organization. McCoy should have a monster year with the acquisition of Chris Baker.

Chris Baker came to the Buccaneers after not feeling loved in Washington. Baker has 104 total tackles and 11.5 career sacks. Baker was a beast for the Redskins. He is not only a run stopper but also a pass rusher. It is a combination that most teams don’t have the luxury of seeing. The NFC East is glad to see the monstrous defensive tackle leave.

Both players will likely be able to help each other have career years. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Tampa Bay’s defense isn’t in the top 5 this upcoming year. The pass rush will only help benefit the secondary that still needs some help, but that should be addressed with the draft. Let’s bring back the glory days of Sapp and Rice. Go Bucs!