Jason Licht eyeing another speedy receiver?


Despite the free agent signing of DeSean Jackson, there still has been some talk about Tampa drafting another speedy wide receiver who has hands and can stretch the field. Many names have come up on fans wish lists and by now we know most of those names. But one name popped up (From Licht’s mouth) and this guy has hands and is one tough cookie.

Zay Jones from Eastern Carolina University looks to have everything you want in a WR. His combine 40 time of 4.46 seconds says speed is not an issue with him as he can flat out run. Not only can the kid run he can also catch.  During his four seasons with ECU, Zay Jones caught 351 passes for 3,778 yards and 18 touchdowns. His father, Robert Jones, was a member the 90’s Dallas Cowboys and participated in three Super Bowls wins while with them. There is no questioning Zay’s football background.

In 2016, Jones set the school record with 158 receptions and 1746 yards. He is the  All-time FBS receptions leader and has great hands outside the hashes. He is good at holding on to the ball when crossing the middle, he is not afraid to run head on into traffic, and doesn’t shy away from making tough catches when a hard hit is coming his way. He has experience working from the slot or from the outside and brings speed and hands to from any location he starts from.

If Licht is eyeing this guy, then I’d say good eye on Licht’s part, as he definitely has all the intangibles to become an instant impact on the field on his way to what may just turn out to be one heck of an NFL career.


This kid has hands and he is already used to wearing a Pirate’s skull logo. 😉