New revelations on the Hernandez saga


Details are beginning to leak out about Aaron Hernandez’s final hours alive in a Massachusetts segregated unit prison cell. Hernandez was found not guilty last week of two counts of murder in a drive-by killing of two men outside of Boston in 2012 and was set to have an appeal heard on the Odin Lloyd guilty verdict. But due to a unique Massachusetts law, Hernandez will have his case dropped due to his death before or during appeals;  Massachusetts states: with the appeal the defendant is considered innocent rather than guilty during the process.


Maybe Hernandez knew this loophole and oddly took advantage of it for the sake of his name.


Nobody will ever know now.


Authorities were tipped off by other inmates that Hernandez was smoking “spice”, a synthetic marijuana made in laboratories known to have strong hallucinogenic effects coupled with high anxiety and increased agitation. Hernandez was suspected of being high on Spice the night he killed Lloyd in 2013 as well.


Hernandez was found after a bed check by guards hanging from his window by a bed sheet fashioned into a noose and cut his finger to use his own blood to scrawl the bible verse, John 3:16, onto his forehead along with other undisclosed marks on his body and on his cell walls. Sad ending to a sad story. Even the biggest of monsters have a conscience.