Pre Draft Speculation Round 2

Round 2: Budda Baker, S, Washington: Assuming we pick Cook in the first round, a Safety would make sense here in the second round. Enter Budda Baker, a very physical, fierce defender who has the potential to start right away at a weak position for Tampa Bay.
The addition of J.J. Wilcox, as well as the highly improved play of Keith Tandy at the end of last season, obviously helped improve the position, but Baker would push for a starting job very early in the year and improve this unit drastically. Would be a great pick if he falls that far.

Alternate pick: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida:  
Picking up Wilson at that spot would be a steal! At 6’1” he would give the Buccaneers a much-needed Cornerback with size, he is very physical too. Will replace Grimes at latest in 2018, can play nickel this year.