Jabrill Peppers Fails Drug Test.


It seems that Jabrill Peppers has flunked a drug test due to a diluted sample he gave at the combine. Peppers who is considered a late first round pick and by many, to be one of the better safeties this draft has to offer, is now likely to enter a drug program.


Although his agency made a public statement saying that he was sick when he flew to combine and was complaining of cramps, as he is known to have a history of cramping, was pumping himself full of fluids prior to going to sleep the night before the combine. They also let it be known that Peppers has never failed a drug test or ever tested positive for any kind of banned substance.


However, the National Football League treats any kind of diluted sample as an automatically failed drug test. Ruben Foster also produced a diluted sample at the combine and could see a drop in his draft rank as well.