Wants & Needs Are Two Different Things.


It’s draft day and everyone wants a running back. Well, most everyone. A large number of Bucs fans are under the impression that we have to, without a doubt, draft a running back at 19th. The reasoning behind this is mainly McCaffery and Cook, but last year’s debacle at running back sparked the fire of the masses and Doug Martin’s situation only fanned the flames.


Now, I am only sure of one thing and that is that Bucs GM Jason Licht will not trade up to draft another kicker this year, but I do have some beliefs, and those beliefs are that we do not need to draft a running back in the first round, that there are more pressing needs.


One of the more pressing needs in my eyes is defense. Mainly secondary and line. Now I won’t go naming names and boasting my standpoint on certain player’s, regardless of how well they have played this past season, but there is a need in the secondary. Not just an immediate one but a long term one. The other area on defense is the line.


I was pretty satisfied with the line play, overall, last year, but a pressing need, in my opinion, is young talent and depth. Especially on the outside. Mostly my gripe with the secondary and certain D-line positions is age. Age can lead inconsistency and injury. Injury-plagued us last year on the line and that is something I’d like to see fixed this season, and the draft is a heck of a place to do so.


The offensive line and the tight end position could definitely see a pick or two, but as far as running back goes, my opinion is we don’t need one until the later rounds like the 3rd or later, or hell, even at all. But I will stand behind Jason Licht in whatever he does and support whoever is taken off the board first, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


We all have our opinions about what the Bucs should do with the 19th pick, some may agree with me or disagree, but the fact remains we just don’t know what Licht will do, we just have to trust in him and accept what is done! Go Bucs!