Well, today is one of my favorite days of the year! Today is the NFL DRAFT!

The Buccaneers have a lot of needs and with the 19th overall pick, they could go many different ways.

Most Buccaneers fans would like us to get Dalvin Cook and believe that running back is a need for us and with this LOADED draft, especially at running back position, there is no need to waste a first rounder on a pick when we have more important needs.

In Todd McShay’s final mock draft, he has us drafting a very important need which is a defensive back, Marlon Humphrey.

Yes, we have a star in the making with Hargreaves, and (not getting younger) Brent Grimes but what will the Buccaneers do when he retires?

Humphrey is an Alabama star corner. He’s 6’0, 198 pounds and has a 4.41 speed. That is one of the fastest of this year’s draft. He would be a great slot receiver for us so we can develop him into a starter.

In the two years, he was at Alabama, he was consistent and reliable. He had 81 total tackles. 61 of those tackles was SOLO and 6.5 was for LOSS! He accumulated 5 interceptions including one pick six. By the way, did I mention he can hit?

He forced 3 fumbles in those two years at Alabama.

We don’t have any clue what Jason Licht has In store for us at the number 19th pick. But I do know he has done a great job in the last three drafts and all we can do is TRUST THE PROCESS!