WR Depth Keeps Veteran Wideout At Bay.


Rookie Minicamp is now over, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had over 50 players in attendance. One athlete may have stood out over everyone else. Riley Cooper is a local kid from Clearwater and a former Florida Gator. He had a nice career with the Philadelphia Eagles, but that was overshadowed by a racist rant, in 2013.

Standing six-foot-four-inches and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds many figured he could help bolster the Buccaneer WR roster. However, the Buccaneers seem to be thinking differently. With the signing of DeSean Jackson and the drafting of Chris Godwin the WR room suddenly began adding talent to an already talented group of receivers. The non-signing of Cooper is a testimony to how deep the Bucs have become at the receiver position.

If this was a year or two ago, it would be no brainer of a pickup, but now we have options.