Is this the year the Buccaneers wake up?


It’s been roughly 10 years since the Bucs had a postseason visit. However, after being ranked 6th in the draft and moving up to 8th in the power rankings it would seem the Bucs are poised to make a postseason run.’s Adam Schein says “Bucs have booked a postseason birth.” With last season’s improvement from 6 wins to 9 and barely just missing the playoffs, this writer is very inclined to believe him.

Let’s talk briefly about someone the new weapons that will get us there. O.J. Howard a 6’5/6’6 TE with Mike Evans speed will be a huge target in the seems for Jamies. At first, I didn’t like this pick. I felt we had other holes that we needed to plug up but, over time this pick has grown on me. The kid was slated to be a top 10 if not top 5 pick in the draft. He isn’t just a receiver either. Howard is no problem putting his facemask in your chest and sealing an edge.

DeSean Jackson is a wily vet who many people believe is a one trick pony. That hasn’t stopped the Cal product becoming a Number 1 receiver for the Eagles and the Redskins. At 30 years old he is only getting faster and is still burning corners a third his age.

Vegas has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers slated to win only 8 games this year. However, it would seem the rest of the league has taken notice of the NFC South and the Bucs ascension to the throne of it. Just a reminder in the last two Superbowls the NFC has been represented by the NFC south with Cam Newton’s and the Panthers nearly┬áimmaculate season in 2015 and Matty Ice and the Falcons strong push last year.

2017 is gearing up to be an exciting year for the team down south. But, don’t let the media fool you. We aren’t a sleeper. We are a contender and anyone who says otherwise is a hater.