Bucs on HARD KNOCKS – gift or curse?


As we all know, the Buccaneers have been chosen to appear on the television series HARD KNOCKS this season. The controversial, yet by many NFL fans, beloved series featured on HBO, will provide Tampa Bay fans a look behind the scenes and inside the locker room during Training Camp and throughout the preseason.

Actually, Bucs fans should be thrilled about the fact that we will be able to somewhat be as close to the team as we have never been before. We are going to be able to be a part of many preseason activities, such as transactions, the drama of who is going to make the team and who is not, our favorite players’ conversations and behavior during practices and a lot more!

On the other hand, the teams featured on HBO usually never do well during the year they were covered. Just like with Madden, a lot of people believe that there is a HARD KNOCKS curse. While this theory certainly is very doubtable, it is concerning to some extent that teams regularly perform below their standards when featured on HARD KNOCKS. Lots of opposers claim that the show makes players and coaches try to become celebrities and keeps them from focusing on what is really important, namely preparing for the regular season.

Conclusively, let us hope the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can keep their heads on the game and not get distracted too much. On the positive note, we will for sure see a lot more coverage of our beloved football team this season! I am sure Winston will not play around and have his mind on the playoffs! Let us be the first team to really succeed even though we are featured on HARD KNOCKS! Time to break that “curse” once and for all! Go Bucs!