Big Money Big Play


At the end of last season, it was very noticeable that The Tampa Bay Buccaneers needed playmakers and deep threat in the passing game. During the first wave of free agency, they went out and snagged Desean Jackson. Jackson is known for his big-play ability and over the top speed. He was paid handsomely by the Bucs bringing in a three year 33.5 million dollar contract.

Last week offensive coordinator Todd Monken stated to the press that he expressed to Jackson that he needs to produce because that is what they are paying him the big bucks. Jackson took to social media (Instagram) pretty much saying until he gets where he wants in life he is broke.

Hall of Famer and host of Undisputed on Fox 1 Shannon Sharpe ripped the Bucs OC a new one. “I’ve got a huge problem with it because everything you just said you could have told me behind closed doors. Because what you did is you pre-judged me from a distance. You heard somebody say something.” Sharpe stated. He also went on to state that he and Monken would have had a private conversation. Cris Carter in the argument seen no problem with what Monken said and that is nothing wrong with the hard coaching.