Simeon Rice works with Bucs defensive ends


Simeon Rice, who has worked with rookies before during his NFL career, took some time out to work with Noah Spence and Ryan Russell.

Now a filmmaker, Rice ranks 19th on the league’s career sack list, with 122. He forced 25 fumbles during 12 seasons, including six of those with the Buccaneers.

“It was great, He taught me things in five minutes I never thought to put into my game. He made me think about stuff I have to work on. It was a blessing to have him out here today.” said Spence. Rice has said that he’s impressed by what he’s seen on film of Spence. “He reminds me so much of myself. He has the talent. He has the capabilities. He has to allow it to shine now. Don’t hide it from the world. Be what you’re capable of being, do what you’re capable of doing. It’s interesting to see because I’m like watching him after practice and they’re working. I’m like, ‘Yo, this kid wants to be special.’ This kid is going to be special. If you search for it long enough, you will find it.” Adding that physically he could still play, but saying, “It’s a mindset, it’s not where I am mentally. I take great pleasure seeing the young players come into their own.”

Coach Koetter even recognizes Rice as the last Bucs player to record at least 10 sacks. “You’re talking about it a lot,” He said. “The last I heard, the object of the game was to win the game. If you win the game, who cares? I just told Simeon Rice we will suit him up. He said he could get us five and teach those young guys.”

The “Hard Knocks” cameras filmed Rice’s tutorial with Spence and Russell.

“How much fun would it have been if they had filmed our team? You say big personalities. Because you’re talking about people that we talked it and we walked it. We got to be audacious enough, daring enough to be brilliant enough to show who you are and what you’re capable of under scrutiny.” said Rice.