Almost Time!


With the 3rd preseason game in the books and we approach the last and final preseason game on Thursday against the Redskins, we can finally see the regular season on there horizon.

With the plethora of weapons and rookie standouts this offseason has been full of hype and excitement. I’d say the most hype In over a decade and In less than 2 weeks, we are all about to watch the hype unfold as we do battle in Miami against the Dolphins, September 10th. However, before we get to week one, the Bucs will have to cut down to a 53 man roster.

Many of the young faces we are used to seeing this preseason will no longer be with the team come opening kickoff. But there are a lot of things to look forward too. We will finally get to see Jamie’s unleashed and see DeSean Jackson open up the field. Also we all can experience the debut of 1st draft pick OJ Howard. Well his regular season debut that is. We get to see how far our Defense has come since the end of last season. More importantly, soon very soon, we will be able to wake up on Sunday knowing there’s a full day of football in front of us and that is a beautiful thing.