What Needs To Change.


Now that the regular season is among us and this is indeed a new year and an entirely different Buccaneers team. But there were some signs of looming problems from last year that were shown in training camp and some of the preseason. Firstly, although not a big problem, but could lead to some mistakes or missed opportunities, Jamie’s Winston showing a little too much faith in Mike Evans. Mike Evans was targeted more than any other Receiver during the starters play time in the preseason and yes, he is our best receiver, but he is not our only receiver on the field.  I noticed this so, you better believe that opponents Defenses have noticed it as well. It cannot continue.

The next thing that needs to change is the inconsistency of the Line. On both sides of the ball. We’ve seen both be dominant and have seen them both be dominated. I’m a firm believer that a game is won in the trenches, meaning whoever wins the gritty line battle no matter offense or Defense will win the game. We have the talent to dominate and we must do so to win games. It all starts up front.

The last thing I’m going to pinpoint that needs to change is the secondary. The beginning half of last year the Bucs secondary were among the bottom of the league, but not due to lack of talent, but lack of knowledge. That was evident when the secondary did a complete 180 during the last half of the year coming in at a top 3 Defense during the last 8 games. Being in a division with MVP caliber QBs across the board, our secondary will have no choice but to buckle down and get the job done if we are going to have long-term success this year.

Now that kickoff is just 6 days away (Unless IRMA crushes our hopes and dreams) and we have a lot of fun and excitement in store for us. So let’s get ready to do battle and put the NFL on notice. Lemme hear it Bucs fans LETS GO BUCS