Taking A Look At The Bucs Injury Report As They Gear Up For Sunday’s Game.


With the Vikings game just around the corner, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in full force preparing for what should be another dominating performance by this young football team.

Last week’s defensive juggernaut proved to me more than the Chicago Bears could withstand, even with having a former Buccaneers QB at the helm, and as we head towards the end of the week, several big names appeared on the injury report, and some of those names were accompanied by some scary injuries.

Example: Kwon Alexander did not practice Wednesday or Thursday, but assures us that he will ready to go for Sunday’s game. Although, there are reports that he is to be a game time decision come Sunday.

Jacquies Smith was recently activated from the pup list, but has not practiced Wednesday or Thursday due to illness, whether or not he plays is still in question.

Brent Grimes is a guy we do not want to see on the injury report, but he is on there with a shoulder injury. However, he has lightly practiced this week, so he should be ready to go by Sunday.

Gerald McCoy is again on the injury report with an ankle injury, but that seems to be a regular thing for the big fella. Despite him being on the injury report so frequently, he still manages to show up to the games causing much distraction along opposing offensive lines and getting into the faces of their quarterbacks.

Devante Bond, who had been suffering from a nasty knee injury, fully participated in practice all-week long! Hopefully we finally get to see what Devante Bond has to offer.

And last, but not least, is Chris Baker, who has found himself on the injury report this week, having not practiced due to illness and it is contagious so he isn’t allowed to come to practice. Baker played in last weeks win against the Bears so I expect that he will play this weekend as well. As long as he kicks the influenza.

The Buccaneers should play a tough offense on Sunday, and I say that mainly due to Dalvin Cook’s production the past two weeks, but also to the fact that Case Keenum will be the QB we face. Keenum is nothing special. He is just a back up, he’s not even that good, really. But for some reason, Keenum has been able to take it to Tampa the past couple of times we’ve played against him and despite our record vs the lucky backup, this year’s defense is different. Shut down Cook and get in Keenum’s face, this game should be an easy win. But nothing is ever easy. The Vikings do have wide receivers and ones that can punish you for the smallest mistake.

Our pass rush has to be on point Sunday, similarly to how it was vs the Bears, so our secondary can do their job in shutting down the play making receivers which allows our linebackers some easy pickings. This game should go Tampa’s way, but not like it went last week. Jameis has not thrown a pick this season, (1 game) and the Vikings do not have any interceptions by their defense this season. (2 games). That is likely to change this weekend, but despite that, the Buccaneers will overcome winning this football game 24-17!

Edited by: Crystal Morgan