Are the Fans Part of the Problem?


Fans don’t design the rosters and fans don’t take the field on Sunday, but fans can have an enormous impact on the team’s management and the team’s final product. Fans caused us to go through four coaches in eight years, but I believe Koetter is the best of the bunch.

Fans are a part of the organization, and the team needs us to do our part. This season has been disappointing for everybody, and nobody feels that harder than the fans. We buy tickets, we buy merchandise, and spend our time to support an organization that so far has fallen flat on its face. Over the course of a year, fans have been calling for heads; Jameis Winston, Dirk Koetter, Mike Smith, Jason Licht to name a few.

Is this behavior helpful to the organization? Is this what the team needs right now? A bunch of bandwagon fans who are ready to give up on the Coach, DC, QB and GM and jump ship? We need to stick behind this team. Being a Bucs fan is not easy, it never was, it will never be.

There are only 3 perennially good teams in the NFL; the Steelers, the Patriots, and the Packers. Do these teams make the playoffs every year? No. Do their fans scream for firings whenever they lose a game? No. The one thing these teams have in common is solid leadership and a solid fan base. Our Bucs need us now more than ever.  Whatever problem you have with the team, and yes, there are plenty, put it aside next week, stand and cheer for our Bucs. Keep the negative attitude off  of social media, it spreads like a virus.

Keep faith in our squad. Maybe not this year, but we will be competitive again. We will fight. If you can’t be with us through the rough times just jump ship now. The rough times will make victory sweeter. The Bucs are here to stay. We are the Bucs!!