What’s wrong with the Bucs???


What’s wrong with the Bucs??

Well the simple answer is a lot of things. On paper this team is far better than last year, but let’s take a closer look.

First off, Jameis Winston’s throws have been off their mark all season. His accuracy on the deep ball has been atrocious, consistently missing Desean Jackson and Mike Evans, who have beat DBs by at least a step on many plays. During Sunday’s game against the Panthers, he missed several deep throws, one sailing high over a wide open Adam Humphries.

The Offensive play calling has been vanilla at best. I have only seen 2 screen passes to Jackson all season, and have yet to see Jackson run a reverse, He is the most explosive player on the team, when he gets the ball. Why not give it to him. With all the talent OJ Howard has, I haven’t seen him split out wide in the slot once; He is a mismatch for any DB trying to cover him. They have also abandoned the run too early in most games this season.

The defense has been atrocious generating very little pass rush, and opposing running backs cutting through them like a hot knife through butter. We signed Chris Baker from Washington to help stop the run, but he has been used as rotational DT all season. We brought TJ Ward over from Denver but I have rarely seen the 3 time pro bowler on the field, and opposing QBs have carved up our DBs all season, especially Vernon Hargreaves.

Well Bucs fans, look at the bright side, at least we’ll have a high draft pick that can be used on a player who can actually put pressure on opposing QBs.