Do The Right Thing Dirk


I’m going to start this with an apology; I seem to be beating this drum a lot and here we go.

Jameis Winston is hurt, yeah I said it! With reports being released on a daily basis from One Buc Place of the injury to Winston’s shoulder. What should be important to know is this injury is to his throwing arm. Without being able to throw the football the offence becomes one dimensional and thus ineffective. It is rumored that there could be some rotator cuff damage.

At this point sitting at 2-5 I just cannot see the logic in exposing your potential franchise QB to further injury. Why Dirk Why? Jameis could very well be the future of the Buccaneers and QB for the next 10 or more years.

Missing from Head Coach Koetter was his usual positive bonhomie when asked about if Winston would practice this week. The time has come to face facts, this team is not currently making a playoff run. Koetter needs to accept the situation for what it is and let Jameis rest his shoulder. Possibly the worst thing the coaching staff can do is throw a guy out there who’s injured in an attempt to save their jobs. They picked up Fitz for this very reason and need to stand by the contract.

How will the fans feel if Winston is still under center and manages to win 2 more games, but cannot play next year due to a lingering injury? In no way is this reporter saying to bench Winston for his play and if the man was healthy I’d be one of the crowd fully behind him; but right now Jameis needs to rest his throwing arm so when he is healthy he can make a positive difference to the team. As the title points out, do the right thing Dirk and put your quarterback and the team before your job.

Update on Jameis status. If he is medically cleared,  he will start vs the Saints, but also pending on how Jameis says he is feeling. If Jameis cannot start Sunday, Fitzpatrick will be the guy at the helm.