A Letter To Bucs “Fans”


Dear fans,

We get it. You’re frustrated. We are frustrated, too. We have watched the inconsistency, bad play calling, and most of the time sloppy defense. We have seen the over throws, missed opportunities, and countless missed field goals. We have watched a team with such high hopes, start out with 2 wins.

But here’s the thing, if I was a fan that jumped off the wagon every time there was a bad season, I wouldn’t be a Bucs fan. I am not saying that they’re going to win out this season. I’m not saying that they are making the playoffs, or are going to finish at .500 or above. What I am saying, is what kind of fans believe in a team so strongly, then jump out of the ship when the team faces adversity?

Do you honestly think the Bucs don’t want to win? Do you think they don’t play hard? Here’s what I think. We could just as easily be 5-2, or even 6-1 right now. We are not because of starting slow, and not taking advantage of opportunities. This team is too good, in my opinion, to be 2-5. But even if for some reason they lost 10 games, or finish 8-8, I am still a Bucs fan. Look at it this way, at least we aren’t the Browns!

A Bucs Fan