Is It Time to Shut Winston Down? Jobs Are On The Line.


2-6 is where no NFL fan wants to be at the midway point. But it is what it is. The question becomes how we manage the second half of our season. There are several options available which I will explain.

Shutting Winston down

My preferred option is to shut Winston down; this is the safe strategy. If we shut Winston down, we concede the year. Engaging in this strategy can do several good things for the team. We can simultaneously get a high draft pick while Winston rides the bench to let his shoulder heal. He will be more fired up the next time he takes the field. I wouldn’t worry about a benching affecting Winston’s confidence. His confidence is unflappable and that is a shared trait among great quarterbacks. A benching would ignite a fire in him that has been missing all season.

Keeping Winston out there

This is not my preferred strategy because of the additional harm it could pose to our franchise QB. We do not want to make Winston into an Andrew Luck, a perennially hurt superstar. However, this strategy is more aggressive. Keeping Winston and his crew out there means more in game reps together and if we can string a few wins together provide a serious momentum boost into next year. With Dirk Koetter and others on the hot seat, do not  be surprised to see this strategy employed by the coaches and management to save their jobs.

How the coaches and management handle this will be the determining factor on how long they stay in Tampa. One thing is for sure Bucs fans. Somethings got to give.