Common Sense Isn’t So Common.


Jameis Winston has thrown for 60 touchdowns and 10,000 yards for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in just three years. He is the second youngest to ever throw for 10,000 yards. Winston has been the heart and soul of the team since his arrival despite the odds, he has faced on and off the field.

Many fans did not want the Buccaneers to draft Winston and still have not let off the point of having Marcus Mariota in Tampa Bay. Lets just compare the two QB’s. Winston has played in every game of his career Mariota has missed at least one game every season since entering the league. Mariota has always had a very good offensive line with a great running game the last two seasons, outside of Winston’s rookie season the Bucs have not had a running attack that scares anyone. Winston has thrown for 10,052 yards in his short career while Mariota has thrown for 7,763. Winston has played with wide receivers that the Bucs have found on the street for the good majority of the seasons at the beginning of his career with the injuries that have hit the receiver room.

Jameis does have things he needs to fix, but as a fan base he needs the support of coaches, players around him, and fans. Some fans are ready to cut or trade him because he is not leading the Buccaneers to the promise land this year. I’m not sure, but I am certain that he cannot run the ball on running downs. Block on passing plays and play defense. Lets not just put all the blame on Winston when it is a team game. He is the only quarterback that gets the criticism when the team plays bad and get hit with a but when the team is playing well.

He is not going anywhere anytime soon fans, so get on board and support your quarterback and his team.