Round And Round We Go.


Not just the lyrics to a popular tune, but an ever growing sense of dejà vu for Buccaneers fans; but are we going around the coaching carousel again? It would seem so with every time a decision is made, it is the wrong one. From play calling, to clock management, to over rotating players before they can get into any rhythm and keeping your franchise QB on the field when he’s clearly already hurt. Don’t reply with “he’s a winner who just wants to play”. I smell something in the air that is certainly of Bovine origin; Koetter is the head coach so should have shut him down for his own good. The amount of incompetence from every level this year, including players, has been outstanding. By all rights the Glazer’s should be setting heads outside the front door of One Bucs Place in a grim tribute to Game of Thrones.

Taking a glance over this rogues gallery should tell the viewer that this wouldn’t be a good idea. Why? Let’s take a look over the last 20 years at our “Head” Coaches shall we?

First head is Tony Dungy – This great coach served as captain of the ship from 1996 to 2001 for 96 games, winning 52 of those games and taking the Bucs to the playoffs. Ultimately, it was his 4 losses in those playoff games that led to his appearance in this macabre who’s who as he could never reach that promised land; which brings up number 2.

Jon “Chucky” Gruden – The golden coach, who took Tampa Bay all the way. Gruden took over the wheel in 2001 in what can only be described as a blockbusting trade with the expectancy to deliver. Over 112 games Chucky won 57, just two more than he lost. Those losses mostly came toward the end and erratic seasons took us to contestant number 3.

Raheem Morris – Morris led the “youngry” Buccaneers 48 times from 2009 losing 31 of those games. His best season was a 10-6 roller coaster that made for exciting times for fans who had a clear cardiac history and a nightmare for those of a nervous disposition. The appointment of Morris to the top role was far ahead of time and this “players coach” lost the players in his 3rd season on the way to the loss of his job to a polar opposite at number 4.

Greg Schiano – Toes on the line for 32 games of hard nosed discipline from 2011. After the last regime, it was needed. Although some might question what really changed as his tenure is most well known for crashing the victory formation and the apparent franchise QB going off the rails. After just 11 wins the owners went to the experience of coach 5

Lovie Smith – From 2014, Bucs fans enjoyed 32 games where mediocrity would have been an achievement. Just 8 wins and things were getting worse. Time to change to the current head coach

Dirk Koetter – After 16 games had a winning record, but the ship is sinking fast and the axe man is looming.

What I take from this grisly spectacle, is that our most successful coaches combined for over 200 games. They had time to build stability and with that stability came the playoffs and returning to Tampa with a Super Bowl. All this revolving door is doing is creating an unstable environment which clearly seems to be stunting the players performance.

I stand by saying calling for the head of Koetter will probably for the worse and many players have come and gone in 20 years, but the downward trend has continued. Do we really have to start again or do we try and overcome the obstacles and build something good?