With the Bucs Losing Culture Who Is To Blame?


It seems like every year there is reason to hope, and then the season starts. That is where reality smacks us in the face with a bad case of déjà vu. However this isn’t déjà vu, because we have been here before and the Bucs are still losing and it’s all too real. Save that one glorious season in 2002, the Bucs seem to have had a losing culture riddled throughout their history, but who is to blame for this culture? It’s simple actually. The owners.

Yes, you can very well argue that the Glazer’s saved us from our miserable past and gave us a Super Bowl win, but they also sold the farm to get it. This robbed us in the long run of multiple valuable players, and even still this isn’t the main reason why they deserve the majority of the blame.

Above all else the top brass is responsible for setting the vision and culture of the building. At the very least they are in charge of hiring the right people to set that for them. Time has shown us that they have done a less than adequate job at both. Unless they can begin to renew the culture at One Buc Place fast, it will be tough sledding for years to come.