Buccaneers Couldn’t Sack Groceries


Since the loss of Simeon Rice, the Bucs have had a difficult time getting to the QB. Not one player has registered 10 sacks since Rice left.. First, Gaines Adams was the savior, but ended up a complete failure. Then Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quon Bowers seemed to be the answer. Bowers ended up doing virtually nothing and Adrian Clayborn was average at best.

As of right now, the Bucs have Z-E-R-O players with any ability to pass rush. Sure, Robert Ayers is good at what he does, but don’t expect more than 6 sacks out of him. William Gholston is a great “run stopping” left DE, but don’t expect him to get to the opposing QB very often. Last year we drafted Noah Spence and he has shown flashes of his skills, but he has been injured most of the year.

Right now, Gerald McCoy is our best pass rusher and that needs to change soon. Like next year soon. The Bucs must find somebody that can rush off the edge. This will also free up McCoy and let him create even more disruption in the opponent’s backfield. In order to have a dominate pass rush once again, then give McCoy some help, and everything else should fall into place.