This One’s On Us.


In the course of the 30 to 20 victory the Bucs did the Dolphins an unexpected favor. That was the injury to starting QB Jay Cutler, in the 3rd quarter. Typically any injury to your Quarterback is devastating to the team; we’ll take Cutler as the exception to this rule though.

Whilst Jay Cutler was under center, Miami was struggling to move the ball through the air and potentially making pundits wonder why the Tampa secondary was considered so bad. Players were either becoming ball hawks or forcing Cutler to look elsewhere before succumbing to pressure. Although it shouldn’t be a surprise to even the casual NFL fan, after all this is a guy who hasn’t played a full season since 2009!

Hopefully for Miami fans the coaches took notice how the offense was moving the ball much more freely.

Don’t worry Dolphins, this one is on us.