The Gruden Rumor Mill Re-ignited With Loss To Falcons


Sunday’s game was one to test if the Bucs really had turned the corner on their season. The end result came with a resounding no. Any way you look at it this was an ugly loss. The offense was bad, Fitzterrible in particular. The defense was horrid and had a non-existent secondary that aided in Julio Jones’ record day. Then there was the play calling which was terrible on both sides of the ball. No matter how you look at it, the Bucs had their true colors shown by a very good Atlanta team. Hey on the bright side our kicker made his kicks.

Even with this season being surprisingly underwhelming, there are ample reasons why the front office should retain Koetter, but if the losses continue to mount this season Gruden’s name will only get louder in the rumor mill. Then when you consider the Glazer’s high head coach turnover rate history only further galvanizes what might be Dirk’s looming fate.

If Tampa Bay continues to pile up the losses in December, look for two things: Dirk dusting off his resume and the chants for Gruden’s return to be louder than ever.