Don’t Laugh: Buccaneers still have a chance at the Play-offs. – By Crystal Morgan


After the loss on Sunday to the Packers, leaving the Buccaneers 4-8 for the season so far, most thought that was the end of the line for the Bucs this year in terms of play-off possibilities, except, they have not been eliminated from the play-off running, just yet. So, they are still in the game…the probability is slim….but not impossible.

However, in order for that to happen, they basically have to win every single game from now on to put them in a tie-break situation with other 8-8 teams, and even then there’s still a possibility that they could lose out.

The stars pretty much have to align in the Buccaneers favor in order for them to have a fighting chance, and considering they face the Detroit Lions on Sunday, which will make or break this slight chance they have at the play-offs, as well as 3 more division rivals, that have winning records. Their schedule packs quite a punch. But do you think they can do it?  I’m remaining optimistic.