Time For Koetter To Give Up Play Calling Duties – by Tony Rossi


Absolutely. Yes. Without a question. The play calling is predictable and vanilla which has hampered the productivity of this offensive unit that has been absolutely offensive. Tampa Bay is ranked 28th in rushing, 22nd in points per game, and our lone bright spot being in passing at 5th. Without Winston’s arm our offense would be fighting for the bottom dweller position.

Two years ago Koetter was hired because of his brilliant offensive mind that led to the promising development of Jameis Winston. Making him the next head coach seemed to be a nobrainer that would pay dividends down the road. To date it has failed to do as much, save an impressive run due to a stout defense at the end of last season, this team has failed to consistently stay relevant. There is a definite argument to be made that the sample size is large enough to say that Dirk is better off not calling plays anymore. As he has proved that calling plays and managing the team overall is too tall of a task for now.

Dirk is a young head coach, who is learning some good lessons early in his career. He has what it takes to be a solid head coach, and make a franchise consistently relevant. If he is to make that happen in Tampa Bay though, he better learn this lesson quickly and hand off the play calling duties to someone else.