Week 14 vs. Detroit Lions Game Prediction – By Hagen


In our week 14 matchup the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) are squaring off against the Detroit Lions (6-6). Detroit has lost two games in a row against Minnesota and Baltimore. As of now, it looks like their Quarterback Matt Stafford might not play on Sunday. If he can not go, his backup will step in, Jake Rudock. Yes, I know what you are thinking… Who?? Rudock is 24 years old and has only attempted five passes in his NFL career. This would be his first NFL regular season start and a great chance for the Buccaneers to record another victory. Detroit’s running game is pretty much as disastrous as ours this year, with Ameer Abdullah being their leading back. If Rudock does not have a miraculous start to his career, our defense should be able to contain their offense and create turnovers.

Jameis Winston played hurt again, last week. This time it was an ankle issue that is still bothering him, according to Head Coach Dirk Kotter. Nonetheless, Winston will get the start on Sunday and take care of business against a mediocre Detroit defense. It is very important for our leader to play mistake-free for the most part of the remaining four games if he wants to cement his status as our franchise quarterback. Not easy to do with our offensive line banged up, but he will find a way. Peyton Barber will pick up where he left off and go over 100 yards in this contest. Winston will have three scores, Barber one. For the first time in much too long, Tampa Bay wins impressively, 31 – 13!

Go Bucs!