Koetter Responds to Gruden Rumors – By Tony Rossi


With the losses mounting the Jon Gruden coaching rumors are stronger than ever, some of which has been fueled by Gruden himself during his recent media sessions. To only be partly walked back a few days later. All the while the Bucs still have an active head coach on their payroll, Dirk Koetter.  His current employment seems to be a formality at this point.

No matter who you are or the job in question, there is naturally an awkward uneasiness when you hear of other people who could possibly take the job you still hold.  All the while you have to keep straight-faced and professional in front of the camera. That is exactly what Koetter has done to date. Recently reporters asked what he would do in order to avoid dealing with Gruden rumors and what he plans on doing when he sees Gruden for Monday Night Football.  Koetter replied, “I won’t be doing anything for that and I’ll be the first guy to congratulate Jon Gruden for going into the Ring of Honor. He deserves it, so hats off to him.”

Right now Dirk is taking the high road, but with each loss, it seems more and more likely that it will not be enough to buy him a third year.