Dirk Koetter To Be Back in 2018 per Glazers – By Tony Rossi


Earlier this evening the Tampa Bay Times reported that ownership has informed Dirk Koetter that he will be returning for the 2018 season. This officially puts any and all “Grumors” to rest as common sense has prevailed. The Bucs 2017 campaign left much to be desired, but there were a few bright spots. Consider the substantial growth in 3rd year pro Jameis Winston or a couple of other young promising players in Barber, Beckwith or (Justin) Evans.

A flash poll from fans would tell you that the reaction is a mixed bag. Some have grown tired of waiting for our team to become playoff-worthy and others are glad to keep him for continuity’s sake. Speaking of which, there is something to be said for continuity. If you take a look at any real contender in the NFL they all have one thing in common: A consistent coaching staff. Now ownership has finally given this franchise a chance at that.

I predict that Koetter will use this third year to retool key parts of his coaching staff; mainly defensive coordinator. If he makes the right coaching moves and continues to add talent, the future looks bright.