Jameis Winston on Last Weeks Out Bursts


Jameis Winston’s name could be heard being yelled in the background during the Buccaneers Post Game Radio Show, last week. It was said that Jameis was heading to confront Chris Baker after smirking at Gerald McCoy’s warning not to jump offsides. You could hear Lavonte David yelling, “Yo, Yo, Yo Jameis!” Winston addressed this with ESPN and the states that he was not confronting Baker but was joining in on a conversation.

Also, last week was the scene where Jameis went crazy on the sideline following a sack/fumble in which Winston turned over the football. Not only did the young QB lose the football, he also gained an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Winston maintains that he did recover the fumbled football and his competitiveness and passion to win caused him to get over excited. (In his defense he is only 23) However, he fully regrets his actions and knows as a leader on this football team that he cannot act that way, but remains steadfast that he had the football and is still irked by being told he didn’t.

– Jay Bucs