Anything Positive About this Brutal Season? – By Hagen


Now that the season is in the books, it is time to evaluate this terrible year and find out what gives us hope for the 2018 campaign. Certainly, this season was not all negative, even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ record might indicate otherwise. Let us start out with our Rookies, the draft class of 2017. Unlike the previous year, where Jason Licht and the Buccaneers’ Front Office made very questionable decisions and picked players that did not pan out at all, the players they drafted in 2017 had a very solid start to their career. OJ Howard made a great impact and seemed to connect better and better with Jameis as the season progressed, look for his productivity to increase tremendously in his second year. Justin Evans has cemented his spot in the starting lineup and played a great season. Chris Godwin did not see the field much at first due to brutal competition with Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson ahead of him in the depth chart, however, he contributed nicely, when Jackson was out because of injury. Kendall Beckwith started the year off with a bang, being all over the field and tackling everyone and everything. He slowed down as the season progressed, but all in all, Beckwith proved to have a decent rookie career. Conclusively, as of now, it seems that Licht nailed it in the last draft.

Another thing to note, on the positive side, is our leader’s play in the final month after he returned from his injury. Jameis Winston proved once again, like he did in his first two years in the league, that he has what it takes to lead this team, making great decisions and, most importantly, delivering when it mattered the most, in crunch time. His outburst against Carolina should not concern Bucs fans. This kind of behavior, in a more or less meaningless game like that, simply shows how much this man wants to win – more than anything. This kind of passion, will, and determination will make him succeed eventually. Bucs Nation, look forward to a much more successful 2018 season!

Go Bucs!

Edited By: Morgan Adele