Bucs Feel Confident Moving Forward With Koetter – By Cyrus


After a disappointing season, a lot of people thought Gruden was going to return Tampa Bay. Instead, the Buccaneers gave Dirk Koetter another year. One reason the Buccaneers believe they are headed in the right direction with Dirk Koetter might be because Koetter mentored Winston. Since the 2015 season, Dirk Koetter has been Winston’s mentor (this was before he was the head coach). This is the guy that the Buccaneers fired Lovie for in order to keep Winston.

Putting a different voice in Winston’s ear might not help him with his consistency. Gruden might sound smart as a broadcaster, but whether or not he has fixed his struggles with coaching could be a different story.

It’s likely The Buccaneers believe that if they want to stay consistent, sticking with Koetter might be their best choice.


Edited by: Morgan Adele