Should Bucs make DeSean Jackson slot receiver? – Tim Gary


There are some players on the rise in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers’ 2017 draft acquisitions played a significant role in their success on offense this season.

Rookie Chris Godwin finished the season with one touchdown, 525 yards on 35 catches (averaging 15 yards per catch) with limited action behind veteran receiver DeSean Jackson. First round pick rookie O.J. Howard tied fellow tight end Cameron Brate’s best with six touchdown catches, and was a headache for linebackers in coverage.

The Bucs are expected to resign Cameron Brate this offseason, and with Howard and Godwin projected to become more involved, I have been left wondering how we can make the best use of DeSean Jackson.

DeSean Jackson is not only a deep threat receiver because of his speed, but he could be a dangerous intermediate route runner because of his quickness. Nothing helps a quick receiver more than being in the slot with more space for defenders to guess where you’re going. Kansas City Chiefs receiver, Tyreek Hill, was a beneficiary of this under Andy Reid this season.

I think if the Bucs could find a way to best utilize their weapons this season, they could double their win total from last year just by being as productive as expected on offense. To be fair the installment of Hard Knocks and the acquisitions of Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard in the draft may have boosted people’s expectations further than they should, but there’s no excuse now. Although the offense wasn’t bad the fans are fed up with the poor defense and lack of points in the red zone. If your defense stinks, you better put up points even if it means just a one game stint in the playoffs.

Edited by Morgan Adele