The Tampa Bay Buckners!


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have filled the empty defensive lines coach position, and in doing so may have corrected an issue that has plagued the team for several years.

Bucs new D-lines coach, Brentson Buckner, has not only played in the NFL as a lineman but he has also put together a solid defensive line in Arizona. For the past few seasons, the Cardinals have hovered around the top of the NFL in the sack department, and in 2016 led the NFL in sacks. Something Tampa has not done in over a decade.

Tampa placed dead last in the NFL for sacks and hovered near the bottom for a few years now. The most likely reason the Bucs parted ways with Jay Hayes. Although Hayes is credited with producing such talents as Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap, he has not been able to carry that over to Tampa.

The Bucs also interviewed their own assistant defensive lines coach Paul Spicer, Craig Kuligowski the D-lines coach from UM, and Ted Monachino. I believe the Bucs made the right choice and it is already giving me a reason to be excited for the upcoming season!