Late Round Steals? – Ryan Seal


With the draft quickly approaching and still many holes to fill, I can’t help but wonder what the Buccaneers have planned for the teams running game. If you would even call it a run game at this point. Yes, I know Peyton Barber showed some glimpses of being a good feature back. But was that more us being impressed with an average run game after about two full seasons of a nonexistent one? …Or was Peyton Barber actually legit? Well it’s too soon to tell, however, the point remains the same- The Bucs need a run game, and they need one fast!

It’s been proven year after year that teams don’t need to waste a high draft pick for a good or even great back. For instance, look at Alvin Kamara, a late 3rd round running back turned Rookie of the year. (That doesn’t always happen.) With the 2018 NFL draft, there are no shortage of running back prospects to choose from. There are even some potential Mid/Late round picks.

Look at Nick Chubb from the University of Georgia, a strong shifty back who isn’t getting as much attention as others. Same goes from Derrius Guice from LSU. They would both be solid 2nd/3rd round pick who would come in immediately and help this team produce on offense. Maybe even take some pressure off of Jameis Winston, which in turn could help him perform better as well.

It’s important for the Bucs to not be so quick to pull the trigger on a back so early on in the draft. Remember there will be plenty of good ones left to choose from come later rounds. Only time will tell what truly happens in April come draft week, but I have a feeling that yet again, Licht will surprise fans once more.

Edited by Morgan Adele