“Miko Public Service Announcement”


One of the hot topics in the NFL offseason is players getting caught doing stupid things on social media. More often than not it’s a player or coach being filmed doing some form of illegal narcotic. While the NFL is clear on its recreational drug policy the one “drug” that players seem to have the most trouble with is weed. It’s legal in some NFL cities, but that doesn’t make it ok with the NFL.

So what’s an NFL player, who wants to get his smoke on to do? Miko chimed in:

“Football players, please pay attention to me. Please pay attention; April 20, exactly 19 days from now, that’s when you will be able to be tested for all of your street drugs; Ok? That’s the coke and the weed. Those are the only two I’m going to really concern myself with because I know, I know if you ain’t doing coke, you’re doing weed, for the majority of the league. There’s a few that ain’t doing nothing. There’s a sprinkle here and there that’s actually not doing nothing. But, the majority of the NFL is doing coke or weed or both.”

“So listen my [Expletive], I have studied this; I am a weed smoker. If you stop smoking weed tomorrow [April 2nd], you’ll be fine by April 20th. You’ll be just fine; Ok? Anything after tomorrow, my [Expletive], you’re telling me you don’t care about your NFL career, and I don’t care what happens to you. Any of you [Expletive] that fail this drug test are stupid as [Expletive] ok. They give you the dates; Ok? From April 20th to training camp you can be randomly tested for street drugs. On any day. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Dubai my [Expletive], in Africa, wherever you at they pulling up on your ass in 15 minutes with an [Expletive] holding your [Expletive] while you piss in a cup, making sure that’s your piss. So if you want to keep smoking weed after tomorrow, then you don’t care about your career. If you see any of your friends or your homies or family members in the NFL still smoking weed or doing coke and all that [Expletive] after tomorrow just know then they don’t care about their career, ok.”

“It’s time to stop. After the March Madness, this is a big way for you to know, after the Madness, you must stop smoking weed. Ok. Give it up, the coke, all that. Let it go. Wait for your test. It’s not [Expletive] worth it. This is a big PSA for all my football players. Lose it my [Expletive], lose it – Until you get your test.”

“Now once you get your test you get to roll back up. Some people get their test late-April, early-May, and then they start smoking. You can smoke the whole summer, the whole football season, and the offseason, all the way back around to April 2, ok. So this is an education lesson for the fans, as well. They can smoke weed; they just can’t get seen with it at all and they can’t test positive for it from April 20th to training camp, alright. So good luck to all the players. Don’t be stupid my [Expletive]. Don’t lose your career over no weed. Don’t do that.” 


Reported by Keith Larson