Vita-l Addition ~ BritBuc


So you’re feeling salty the the Buccaneers didn’t go for James or Fitzpatrick? Maybe the Bucs should have grabbed a RB or DE?

Well, No!

Image result for vita vea lifts rockFor so long we Bucs fans have seen what happens when you only have one quality player on your D line and the results just ain’t pretty. With a defensive line that features McCoy, Allen, Unrein, Spence, Curry and JPP. Now with the addition of the wrecking ball that is Vita Vea the Buccaneers have a defensive line that can rotate quality players all 60 minutes and be effective against the run AND the pass.


Image result for Mick jagger cant always getTo all those fans screaming that, “Our secondary sucks and we needed to upgrade this and upgrade it NOW!” I say this; The Bucs didn’t have a pass rush and if you give even an average QB in the NFL a few weeks to throw the ball it doesn’t matter who’s there in the defensive backfield.  To paraphrase the prophet Jagger, “You can’t always get what you want; but you might get what you need.”

Image result for Buccaneers defense sackYou can give me a line of Hall of Fame defensive backs and someone will get open given enough time. What this pick has done is give Tampa Bay the best chance of keeping the opposing QB running scared every time he drops back. You decrease the time a QB has to throw and that will increase the number of errors, from missed reads to poor throws.

This pick makes sense on so many levels. The Buccaneers have a defensive line that should be feared, not only in the NFC South but the whole NFL.