Do We Have a Dynamic Duo, Possibly a Two-Headed Monster?


As we move into mandatory camps and preparing rosters for the upcoming season, most Buccaneer fans are well aware that Doug Martin is no longer around. With poor performance, a failed drug test, and a monster contract as extra baggage, Tampa moved on and so did Doug. Reports out of Oakland say that Doug has straightened out after being closer to his home with family and friends, and while he may not be on the roster now, I just wanted to wish him the best.

Moving forward, Tampa fans, look out. Ronald Jones II and Peyton Barber are ready to go, practicing hard, and apparently, have made quite an impression on Bucs staff and fans watching the offseason workouts. Scott Smith, from Buccaneers Insider Live, touched upon the battle which isn’t really a battle. He brought up the facts that both players are expected, yes expected, to get plenty of touches this coming season. Our own 1-2 punch maybe?

We saw the success the Saints had last year with their own two-headed monster in Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. There was no clear-cut number 1 in that offense, and to be honest they didn’t need it. Both players were outstanding given their skill sets and I fully believe the Buccaneers are looking to duplicate that same type of responsibility. Luckily for us, Ingram looks to be suspended for the first few games so that’s a little reassuring for us come week 1.

I’ve spoken before on the spark Alvin Kamara brings to an offense, and I really was hoping for him to fall to us a year ago, but things happen, and luckily for us, Ronald Jones fell to us instead this year. His home run ability will be a very nice weapon that our offense was missing for the last few years.

At this point, I think it’s fair to say that we would all love to see Ronald Jones, grab that starting spot, even with Peyton right there with him. Peyton will get his fair share of touches this year, something that he hasn’t really had the chance to do, and with Ronald waiting to prove he can ball at the next level, the 2 of them together is a great tandem. As the preseason approaches, however, let’s hope there is less chatter about who the “starting” running back is and more chatter about how productive and diverse the offense can be with both of them on the roster. It’s way too early to label starters and the players still have plenty of time to show just how well they are learning this offense. Here we go, another offseason filled with plenty of optimism.