Primetime 2.0?


So how bad was the secondary last year? Actually, please don’t answer that. It’s been repeated ad infinitum just how terrible that unit was. They made barely average QBs look like locks for the hall of fame as they were out of position and often, completely out of the play!

This season, as with the defensive line, things had to be improved. The draft was where these improvements were found and possibly the best of those in the 2nd round with the 31st pick. Carlton Davis from Auburn has the prototypical size and wingspan that you would look for in a starting cornerback with the speed to match up with the elite receivers he’ll see on Sundays and the ability to blanket one side of the field.

With many reports from the OTA’s drawing favorable comparisons to Richard Sherman and some fans are comparing him to the man, Deion Sanders! As crazy as that sounds, this is not the first time I’ve heard that about a young Buccaneers corner and I am sure it will not be the last.

However, it appears that Davis could be locked in to start at corner opening day and with the other improvements in the defensive backfield, along with the improved front 7, this could be the best defense we’ve had in Tampa, since the glory days of the Tampa 2.

Take a QB who doesn’t have time to throw and a ball hawking secondary, this could be a very exciting team to watch next year.