Prime Time Turnoffs


I have 3 questions for you. Did you know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2018 schedule only has one game that kicks off at 4pm or later?

Did you also know that one game is versus a team the Buccaneers have never beaten on Monday Night Football?

Finally, can you really blame the NFL for not scheduling the Bucs in more than one prime time game?

I genuinely hope, especially if you’re rational, that the answer is no. The only ones to blame for the lack of production, thus the lack of national exposure is the Buccaneers themselves. From the front office and coaching staff to the team itself.

What’s worse, the Buccaneers have had a horrid prime time record as of late, although they have never really been a team that’s performed well under the lights.

This year’s, on Monday Night Football, the Bucs play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This will also be our annual Ring of Honor game. As I mentioned at the beginning, Tampa Bay has never, I repeat, never beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers on MNF. As if that weren’t enough, the Bucs have a terrible record in Ring of Honor games as well.

So Bucs fans, can this year be different? Can the Bucs finally make a statement in front of a nationally televised audience, against a formidable opponent? Or will it be the same crap, different year? One thing is for certain, it won’t take long to find out.

Week 3, when these two meet on MNF, is also the final game of famous Jameis Winston’s suspension. If Tampa Bay is to have success against not only the Pittsburgh Steelers, but also have any hopes of making a playoff push, it’s gonna be up to the arm and mind of, the Harvard graduate, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Buccaneers will also need an overwhelming defensive performance, especially against a formidable opponent, to break the curse of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night football and to have a successful outing in ROH game. It’s safe to assume that defense will be key to coming away with a W. The likes of Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell, JuJu, and Big Ben are no strangers to scorching defenses and scoring often, and in a hurry. This young Tampa Bay defense will have to not only show hard, but also play with a lot of grit. They have to keep themselves focused to not give up the big plays the Steelers offense is known for, keep up the intensity until the clock hits triple zeros.

The beginning 3 game stretch of the season, culminating with the Monday night’r against the Steelers won’t be pretty, and it sure as hell won’t be easy, but this is the NFL, and on Any Given Sunday, crazier things have happened.

I honestly believe the Buccaneers are going TURN heads to start this season, shock the NFL world, and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the process. It will be a close, gritty game, and a game I think that will turn many skeptics into believers.


ROH Game Record: 4-5

2009 ROH:  Lee Roy Selmon – vs Packers W 38-28

2010 ROH: John McKay – vs Falcons L 24-28

2011 ROH: Jimmie Giles – vs Panthers L 19-38

2012 ROH: Paul Gruber – vs Chiefs W 38-10

2013 ROH: Warren Sapp – vs Dolphins W 22-19

2014 ROH: Derrick Brooks – Rams L 17-19

2015 ROH: Mike Alstott – Panthers L 23-37

2016 ROH: John Lynch – Bears W 36-10

2017 ROH: John Gruden/ Malcolm Glazer – L 21-24


Overall Monday Night Football Record: 12-10


Edited by Harmeet Kapur