Jameis Winston not Wreaking Havoc in New Marketing Videos?


As the Buccaneers get ready for the upcoming season, Siege the Day is no longer the theme for the current Bucs players. With a revamped defense and a whole new sense of urgency, the Buccaneers look to “Wreak Havoc” on opposing teams, as Wreak Havoc is this theme for this coming year.

The interesting thing about this new outlook for 2018 is that with the four short videos demonstrating the Wreak Havoc mentality the team looks to have, is the absence of Jameis Winston from any of them.

We know Jameis has the chance to participate in the preseason games, but once the season begins Jameis will be sitting for three weeks for his poor conduct and decision making. It is a little alarming but with this still just being the offseason, we won’t look into it too much. You would, however, expect to see your franchise quarterback in your promotional videos.

Keep in mind, he did sign on for another year earlier in the offseason, so hopefully, the fact that Jameis is missing is maybe a lesson from the organization to show that they expect better things from him, on and off the field. However, Jameis did just become a new dad, so things happen and life still goes on.

If you do get a chance to see the videos, Mike Evans, Kwon Alexander, and Gerald McCoy were all participants for this new Buccaneer theme. Let’s hope this new theme hits home a little better than the siege the day theme worked last year. Not many days were sieged, so it was time for a new slogan.