No Running Zone?


Are the Buccaneers Defense set to turn the field into a school corridor with no running allowed? The same Bucs that couldn’t stop traffic at a stop sign?

The guys at ProFootballFocus are showing the Tampa Bay Bucs some love, ranking them at number 5 for run defense going into next season and without sounding overly biased it’s easy to see why.

This off-season the Buccaneers have completely retooled the front of the defense and transformed it from an embarrassment into an embarrassment of riches. We don’t even know the starting line up, but with that much talent available the line looks set to dominate offenses if they make the mistake of attempting to run the ball on the Bucs.

While this isn’t Madden or Top Trumps it’s hard to see a weakness in this defensive line. Opposing teams will have to pick their poison between getting their rushing attack stuffed or this Buccaneer front seven being unleashed on the QB like a pack of wild dogs.

Bring on the season and Wreak Havoc!