Koetter says Bucs won’t miss a beat with Fitz


“I just think Ryan’s a good football player at any stage of his career.” Koetter said in a recent press conference; as he expressed his confidence in back-up QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

While answering numerous questions about Fitzpatricks capabilities starting the season for the Buccaneers, Koetter said, “Guys, we’re not going to miss a beat with Ryan at Quarterback. I don’t know if everybody’s worried about that or not, I’m certainly not.”

This comes after the Bucs announced their commitment to Fitzpatrick to start the first three games of the season; due to Jameis Winston’s suspension.

He also was asked a question regarding how the players respond to Fitzpatricks leadership skills, as compared to Winston’s.

He responded with, “Ryan’s a really good leader too, he’s a different type of leader, alright, and if you’ve been around people at all you know that not all leaders are the same; that goes throughout history. Jameis is a vocal leader and Ryan is a little bit less {of a} vocal leader, but still a real good leader, nonetheless. I think his style will show up.”

He goes on to say, “When a back-up Quarterback is brought to a team, especially a Veteran, the coaching staff tells him that he’s there to be the back-up; to support the starter. Well that’s not the case right now. I think we’ll see and I think the players will feel what I saw way back many years ago, the type of leader Ryan is, when it’s his show.”

There is still no word on who will start game 4. When asked about that Koetter stated, “Week 4 is a long way away.” Via Joebucsfan.com