Raymond James Stadium – Ranks No. 1 in Stadium Technology


While we did not win the Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did finish first in something the last two years, namely in stadium technology experience satisfaction among season ticket holders. This ranking was revealed in the NFL’s 2017  “Voice of the Fan” report and solidifies the stadium’s status as a top-notch venue in the league. The 160 million dollars that the Buccaneers have invested in renovations to Raymond James Stadium lately clearly have helped them attain this great ranking.

The brand new HD video system that was introduced two years ago is still the most technologically advanced video system in the entire NFL today.

Beyond that, prior to last season, a new and highly-advanced wi-fi system was added to the stadium, making it extremely easy for fans to have access to multiple live-camera angles, as well as the Red Zone channel.

If all this does not make you want to watch your Buccaneers live at the stadium, maybe the four tower walls of HD screens, which you can only find in Tampa, will. They certainly guarantee any fan’s viewing pleasure and will turn your visit into a highlight.

Source: buccaneers.com