Tony Dungy Believes the Bucs “Might Surprise Some People”


Tony Dungy is a household name in Tampa Bay, as he is one of the most successful coaches the Buccaneers have ever had. In 1996, Dungy was offered to be the Head Coach of a Buccaneers team that had been unsuccessful for seemingly forever. Fortunately, he was able to turn the team around and managed to go to the playoffs three times in his six year-tenure with the Bucs. Not bad at all, for a team that had been starving for success.

Yesterday, Dungy held a speech in front of the Buccaneers players and coaches. To put his words in a nutshell, he basically said that as far as success in the NFL is concerned, anything is possible,

“The difference between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cleveland Browns is about that much,” (he indicated a small gap with his thumb and forefinger). “You just have to be on point on the details. It’s not talent, but it’s a mindset, and the discipline and the focus. That’s what’s going to determine whether the team gets there. They’re talented enough and you see that, but it’s being focused-in and dialed-in, and hopefully they get there.” – via Scott Smith,

In addition to that, Dungy mentioned that the Buccaneers‘ current situation, with many NFL experts predicting Tampa Bay to start the season 0-3, reminds him a lot of the team he coached in 1997. Back then, the Bucs were in a similar situation, as they were highly expected to lose the first three games and they might be able, in the eyes of NFL analysts and experts, to make something of the season if they could overcome the expected 0-3 start. Yet, the Bucs ended up winning all three of those games.

Conclusively, Dungy believes that starting out the season 0-3 is just as likely this year as a 3-0 start for the Buccaneers, and emphasized that for any team, anything is possible,

“It could happen that way but it could just as easily be 3-0,” he said. “That’s the thing I think the players need to do, is block out the noise and focus in on their coaches and their direction. They might surprise some people.” – via Scott Smith,