The Bucs Have Playmakers Says Titans GM


During this week’s joint practice with the Titans in Tennessee, the Buccaneers wide receiver unit has looked unstoppable. Time will tell, but this could arguably be Tampa Bay’s deepest skill position. Which is a good thing to have when you are forced to start your backup QB for the first three games of the season. Of course, we just don’t have play makers at WR’s, but throughout various position groups on both sides. The former Bucs Director of Player Personnel turned Titans GM Jon Robinson seems to think so too. 

“I watched the Miami game (on tape) and could tell they’ve got playmakers on offense and they’ve got playmakers on defense,” Robinson said. “I was there with most of those guys on defense. Gerald (McCoy) and Kwon and Lavonte (David).”- Said Robinson, and he went on to say that, ”They’ve added some pass rushers and bolstered the defensive front a little bit. (Brent) Grimes looked like he was playing a pretty good level last year. Mike (Evans) is a tough cover. (Cameron) Brate is a tough cover. I like the (Ronald) Jones kid they took out of USC. I thought he had some electric qualities. So we’ll see.” (Read full article HERE.)

From 2013-2015, he had a part in drafting key players like Mike Evans and Kwon Alexander while working in the Bucs front office, and also sees some key pieces added in other areas of the team that could make the difference this season too. Now, of course, you hear this type of talk often from the opposing side just before games, but I consider this one to have a bit more weight given his history with the team. Regardless, it is easy to see some of the playmakers we have on both sides of the ball. Now, let’s see if Koetter and Co. can translate the Bucs playmaking ability to winning football games as the regular season gets underway.