Top 5 NFL Predictions For Week 3!


A number of interesting stories have already taken place this week in the NFL. Week 3 is going to see some awesome match-ups, and here are my top five predictions about what will happen.

1. Carson Wentz will return triumphant over the Colts.
-The Colts have looked pretty good since the return of Andrew Luck after his injury. Their defense has also been a great story, but I believe they will be overmatched in this match-up. Carson Wentz will be under center, and that is always a jumpstart for any team getting their franchise guy back. Look for the Eagles to win. It’ll be close, but it will be a double digit win after halftime. Final score: 34-20.

2. In the jungle, the Lions win the game!
-Most will disagree with this, but I feel as though the Lions have had this game circled since pre-season. The Patriots are coming off a tough loss to the Jaguars, and I believe another loss will take place. According to reports today, Josh Gordon is still not with the team, so there is no comeback story in this one. Lions win by 10 in the upset. Final score: 27-17.

3. Browns get their first win in a loooooong time!
– The Jets have shown potential for being a contender, but they seem to be the same old Jets. The Browns, meanwhile, have tied with the Steelers and taken the Saints to the limit. The Browns could easily be 2-0 right now, but at least they are competing in football games. I look for Baker Mayfield to come into this game if the Browns go down early with offensive mistakes and win a come-from-behind battle! Browns win by a field goal. Final score: 24-21. (Update: Prediction correct! Except it was 21-17 Browns)

4. Jon Gruden wins his first game this season as the Raiders coach.
– I am actually intrigued by this match-up against the Dolphins. Miami is playing well, and I could see them winning this game. However, Oakland will come out with the W here. I believe Carr has yet to really have a breakout game, and this defense could be the one to give it to him. Miami does have 5 interceptions this season, but they won’t have success against the Raiders this week. Look for the run game to have a big week. Raiders by a touchdown. Final score: 28-21.

5. Buccaneers will win, but not in the way you think.
-I actually think the defense will ultimately be the factor in this game. While this is a battle between the NFL’s top two offenses (Bucs number 1, Steelers number 2), I believe the defense will make a late-game heroic stop to clinch win number 3 for Tampa Bay. The Steelers will score with Brown, but look for him to be shut down in the 4th quarter. Fitzpatrick will have a great game also and will remain the starter when Jameis’s suspension ends. Bucs win by 3. Final score: 30-27.