No Sack League


How many times have we seen a great play by the defense this year only to see a sudden shower of yellow laundry? TOO MANY!

The last time I checked, even the last time I played, (Just this last Sunday) the QB was a football player. He has pads and a helmet. He is one of the 11 guys on the field. If he has the ball he’s fair game. These are truths in the game of football but it doesn’t feel like that anymore. Instead fans see their defense make a great play to stop the offense and instead of rejoicing in triumph they are waiting for the flag. That isn’t football.

Quaterbacks are becoming a protected species and it’s ruining the game. Far too often sacks are personal fouls and QB pressure is becoming “roughing the passer.” With the new interpretation of how players are allowed to contact the QB the game is changing, and not for the better. If the Quarterback is over protected the evolution of the rule is tonstrap a couple of flags to his belt, followed by no contact allowed at all. If that happens the need of the offensive line is diminished. If there is no offensive line there is no defensive line.

Football is in danger of changing from the game we grew up watching and playing into a drab affair that no one wants to see. For my value the new interpretation is far too soft and is driving people away from the game and sadly it may be too late.

The players are highly paid professionals who know the risks every time they step on the field, heck even kickers wear pads. Let the players play.